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6 Most Common Microwave Repair Problems

The kitchen stove is easily the primary cooking appliance in the kitchen. However, the importance of having a microwave can’t be discounted. Microwaves add a great deal of convenience to the kitchen. They allow you to prepare meals quickly and efficiently. You can heat up a meal quickly and save time and energy in heating and cleaning. Despite the major role that microwaves play in our day to day lives, we often take them for granted. That is until we encounter a problem with our appliance. Below, we discuss some of the most common microwave problems people experience and what to do about them.

1. Microwave not heating

When you place a plate of food in the microwave and turn it on, you expect the food to be piping hot when you take it out. It can be very disappointing to discover your microwave is not working when you’re terribly hungry. The good news is that, if your microwave turns on but will not heat, it can be fixed. This problem could be an issue with either the microwave’s magnetron which produces heat in the microwave or high voltage diode which provides the magnetron with power. Either of these parts can be replaced to get your microwave back up and running.

2. Microwave doesn’t shut off

Microwaves problems aren’t always about the microwave not turning on or working. There are times when a microwave may not stop running even when the timer has run out. This may result in overcooking or even burning your meal. You may be forced to leave the door open or unplug the microwave from the wall in order to stop it from cooking. This most often indicates a problem with the electronics of the microwave. It could be a problem with the door interlock switch or the microwave’s smartboard.

3. Microwave making noise

Microwaves produce some level of noise while operating. However, if you notice that your microwave is producing excessive noise, it could be an indication of a much bigger problem. Excessive noise from your microwave could be an indication of a faulty roller guide, drive motor, cooling fan, magnetron or high voltage diode. It is important to have your microwave examined and the problem diagnosed. In many instances, the faulty internal component can be replaced and your microwave will be back up and running.

4. Microwave plate won’t turn

In order to heat food evenly, microwaves include a plate that turns the food placed on it. If the plate doesn’t turn, your food won’t be cooked properly. This is a common complaint when your microwave is broken. It is often the result of a broken drive motor. The drive motor coupler can be easily replaced by a professional repair technician.

5. Microwave light is out

Another common microwave problem is when the microwave light isn’t working. The microwave light helps you keep track of the food cooking in the microwave. In many instances, the light bulb can be replaced. However, this depends on the model of your microwave. This problem may also be an issue with your microwave’s control board.

6. Microwave exhaust fan not working

Depending on the model of your microwave, it may have an exhaust fan that helps to get rid of airborne grease and smells from the microwave. When the exhaust fan stops working, it is most likely an issue with the air filters. The air filters may have become clogged. Cleaning or replacing the filter will most likely help to remedy the problem. Your microwave could also be broken by the result of a damaged fan. This can be fixed by replacing the fan motor or other faulty parts.

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