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Emergency Service Available

Appliance Repair Service - Experienced Techs are available now!

In most cases, we’re able to provide same day or next day services. Reach out today to get scheduled!

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About MountainVue

We are doing everything we can to keep people as safe as possible during these covid-19 times by wearing masks, gloves and shoe covers and by limiting our exposure to others while off duty.
If you have an appointment scheduled, please make sure the area around the broken appliance is clean of debris and disinfected before we arrive.


A MountainVue technician will be able to provide you with an expert opinion on whether your repair is cost effective or if a replacement is the best option for you.

About Us
Our mission is to gain trust with our community by providing prompt, and courteous customer service, and contributing expert appliance repair services in Issaquah and the greater Eastside region.
We pride ourselves on expert repair, and we personally guarantee our services. We will promptly make it right if a problem were to ever arise. This is our pledge to our community, we stick to it.
We have a lot of values we have picked up throughout our professional journey, the core values that always come to mind are:

Integrity. Honesty. Realistic. Compassion.

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"Thank you for fixing my Bosch oven. You were great in every aspect. I would not hope to have a broken appliance again, but since it's inevitable, you would always be my FIRST CHOICE."

Len M. 18/10/2020

"Unbeatable price! Amazing technician! Our washer dryer in one was fixed the day I called! Mountain View Appliance Repair was able to squeeze us in and called ahead of time to inform us. Will use them again!!"

Elinor S. 18/10/2020

"They came on time, had my dryer apart and the problem diagnosed in 10 minutes. The faulty part was replaced, cleaned the inside of the machine and had it running in no time! These people were professional and courteous and fair with their pricing!"

Charlie S. 18/10/2020

"Mountain View Appliance Repair is superb!! You won’t be disappointed! Tech was honest, punctual and can do anything! He fixed my Bosch dishwasher, and I don’t have to buy a new one."

Juana F. 18/10/2020

"Same day repair. He had the part so everything was completed in one trip!"

Chaya K. 18/10/2020



Qualified Experts

Workmanship & warranty on all parts

Courteous, and prompt professionals

Service to fit your schedule

A community based company


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Follow these steps immediately, and then call us

Emergency Repair Tips

Sparking or Smoke

A sparking electrical outlet may indicate a short circuit, water exposure or aged equipment. Unplug immediately and contact us if this occurs.

Water Leaking

A blocked defrost drain is one of the most common causes, we recommend turning off the ice maker and contacting us if this happens.

Gas Smell

Turn off the oven and don’t light anything, like matches or cigarettes. Ventilate the house. Locate the gas meter, turn off the gas. Contact us immediately.

Standing Water

Typically indicates an issue with the drain hose in most common appliances. Causing water to accumulate and choking the drainage system. Contact us if this occurs.