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Why Won’t My Gas Stove Ignite?

Having a gas stove makes preparing meals light work. These stoves provide instant heat as well as long term cost saving. It’s also great to know that you can still have a hot meal when the power goes out. Unlike with electric stoves, you have to ignite the burners in order to prepare a meal. Many modern stoves allow you to light the stove by simply turning the knobs. Sometimes your stove won’t light no matter how many times you turn the knob. Fortunately, problems with the igniter can often be resolved. Below we share our top gas stove not lighting tips.

Cause: Loose Connection

Your gas stove won’t light if a spark can’t be formed. Gas stoves consist of various moving parts. If the connections come loose, you may not be able to get the spark needed to ignite the burner.

How to fix:

If your gas oven won’t light, the wires that connect the control module and the igniter may have come loose. If you’re searching for information on how to fix gas stove igniter and want to check for loose connections, be warned that this process comes with risks. Ensure that the power to the stove is off. Unplug the appliance and remove the sealed burner base. Inspect the cooker for any loose connections. Reconnect the wires and reinstall the burner base. Plug your stove back in and check to see if it lights.

It should be noted that tinkering with connections in your gas stove can result in damage to the stove or even present various hazards. It is best to leave this to a professional.

Cause: Igniter Has Too Much Moisture

Moisture can accumulate around the burner as a result of liquids spilling while cooking or even placing a pot with a wet bottom on the burner. When there is too much moisture, the igniter cannot produce a spark to light the stove. This is often the issue when you experience a gas stove not lighting but clicking.

How to fix

If you can hear a click when you turn the knob but the stove is not igniting, be sure to check for moisture. Check the stove top for moisture around the burner. Remove the burner cap and the sealed burner base and wipe any moisture you see. Use a soft dry cloth or a kitchen towel to soak up any liquid and wipe the surfaces dry. You can use a blow dryer on low power to dry any moisture in those tough to reach places. Replace the sealed burner base and cap and try turning the gas stove on again.

Cause: Igniter is Clogged with Debris

This is a fairly common problem with gas stoves. Food debris including crumbs and grease can build up and clog the gas burner blocking gas flow.

How to Clean

If your stove won’t light, one of the first things you should check is whether the burners are clogged with food debris. Remove the burner cap and clean any grease or food crumbs. Use a cloth soaked in warm soapy water. Be sure to soak the burner base with warm water. Vinegar can also help to get rid of debris and grease. Use a toothpick or sewing needle to clean the burner holes. Replace everything and check if the stove ignites.

We Can Help You

Working on gas appliances can be very dangerous. We highly recommend that you seek the services of a skilled and experienced technician. Get in touch with MountainVue Appliance Repair to schedule an appointment with gas stove repair Issaquah technician. We’ll have one of our skilled and experienced technicians come to your location as soon as possible. You can rely on us for an effective and timely solution.

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