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Why is My Dryer Not Drying My Clothes?

Life can get very busy today. Many of us wish we could add an extra hour to the 24 hours we have every day. However, that will never happen. It’s therefore a great relief to have appliances that do the mundane tasks for us and make life easier. Household appliances such as dryers are becoming an essential to life. They help us complete tasks more quickly and efficiently or do the work for us so we can focus on more pressing tasks. It can therefore be quite inconveniencing to discover that your household appliance has broken down. In this blog, we discuss what to do with a dryer not drying well.

Why is My Dryer Not Drying My Clothes?

A clothes dryer is designed to dry clothes more quickly. Dryers save us time and energy when it comes to hanging our clothes out to dry. They are also quite convenient in the cold and wet seasons. If you discover your dryer not working as it ought to you may end up with a pile of damp clothes. Below we offer some tips on what to do with a dryer not drying well.

How to Fix Dryer Not Working

Replacing a dryer can be quite expensive. It can also take time to find the right dryer, purchase it and have it delivered and installed. The good news is that many times the problem can be fixed. You should therefore try troubleshooting to determine if the problem is something that can be fixed.

Here are the First Things to Check

Wondering ‘why is my dryer not drying?’ Start with checking the following basics to determine the cause of the dryer not drying.

Are you overloading the dryer?

Overloading the dryer can put significant strain on its motor, drum bearings and various other components. It will not only cause your dryer to succumb to wear and tear much faster but also ay be the cause of the dryer not drying clothes properly. Stuffing the dryer full of clothes will block airflow and cause humidity to collect within the dryer and prevent drying. You should stick to the maximum load limit of the dryer to prevent this.

Check the air vent and duct

Clogging of the air vents is also a common cause for dryers not working. It interferes with airflow and hinders the drying process. You can check if the air vents are clogged by turning on the dryer and going outside to check if there is warm air flowing out of the vent.

Clean the lint trap

Build-up of lint in the lint trap can also hinder airflow. You should therefore check the lint trap to ensure that it is free of lint. Clean it on a regular basis to ensure that it does not become clogged with lint.

Check the door switch

Dryers are designed to run only when the door switch is closed. If the door switch is open, the dryer turns off. Check the door switch and press it down to ensure the door is closed then try running the machine again.

Check the drive belt

The drive belt is what spins the drum. This belt is connected to the motor. This belt can become worn over time. It should be replaced in order to ensure efficient spinning of the drum. You can check the drive belt by opening the panels of the dryer and checking to see if it is worn.

Check the heating element

The heating element is what heats the air that dries your clothes. Check to see if the heating element is clean and free of debris. It shouldn’t be in contact with other parts of the dryer. The heating element can be replaced if it is not working.

Check the dryer blower wheel

The blower wheel is responsible for moving air. If you hear a rattling sound or violent vibrations, it could be a sign that your blower wheel has an issue.

If all fails, call a repairman

If you’re experiencing problems with your dryer be sure to contact a professional and certified technician to diagnose and fix the problem. We, MountainVue Appliance Repair, are a dryer repair service Issaquah residents trust for the best results. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment with a certified and experienced technician from our company.

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